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This is how it works

You write your talk in Markdown, host it on GitHub or GitLab. We render it using remark of reveal.js and serve it for you before you can say blueberry pie. You can style your slides to your heart's content.

First time here? Try this one-minute demo:

Under "Find your talk", type "bast", then select repo "cicero", and one of the Markdown files under "demo/". Then follow the generated link.

Why Cicero

  • - No more "Can you please email me the slides after the workshop?".
  • - All you need is a browser and everybody has a browser in their pocket.
  • - It is easier to share a link to slides than it is to serve them.
  • - It is easier to reuse a Markdown talk than it is to modify PDF slides.
  • - Talks become lightweight, reusable, versionable, branchable, and forkable.
  • - Hackable URLs.
  • - Presentation URL lives as long as the corresponding Markdown file lives.
  • - Free as in beer.
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